The Consultation Process


An initial nutritional consultation with Jo Scott-Dalgleish involves a 90-minute appointment at her clinic in Chiswick, London, W4.

Prior to meeting with Jo, she will ask you to complete and return a questionnaire covering your performance and health goals, health history and any current health concerns, a typical one-week training plan and a three-day food diary. This enables her to prepare for your appointment and identify the major areas to focus on.

Your consultation will cover the following areas:

  • An in-depth discussion, covering your health history, training programme, performance goals, lifestyle and current dietary and fuelling patterns, to identify your specific issues and potential solutions.
  • Specific strategies to help improve your specific health and performance issues, through diet, nutrient timing and, where appropriate, nutritional supplements. This may include recommendations for tests to help identify biochemical imbalances, including nutrient deficiencies, that may be contributing to your health or performance issues.
  • Nutritional guidelines, tailored to your specific training programme, race goals, health goals, lifestyle and food preferences, taking into account the latest research. These generally covers your daily diet and nutrition during training and races.

The cost of a 90-minute initial consultation is £175. Payment is made prior to the consultation via bank transfer.  

Nutritional strategies and guidelines will be discussed during the consultation, and summarised in a follow up document. This may require further research so the time taken to produce this document varies, but will generally be within a few days of your consultation. Jo may also recommend functional laboratory testing and/or nutritional supplements if she feels these are appropriate.

Jo also offers the option for clients to take a home blood test prior to their consultation. This includes vitamin B12, vitamin D, folate, ferritin, calcium, testosterone, HBA1C (blood sugar), CRP (marker for inflammation), cholesterol & triglycerides, liver function and a full blood count. The results may offer insights into any performance and health concerns, and enable Jo to make dietary or supplement recommendations to help address any imbalances or deficiencies. The cost is £107 (payable to the blood testing service) and the results will be shared at your consultation. If you would like to take a blood test, your consultation will need to take place two weeks or more after Jo receives your initial enquiry to allow sufficient time. Blood tests can also be taken between your initial consultation and a follow up.


Jo operates a flexible approach to your further requirements for support. You can attend a follow up consultation at her clinic, book a Skype or telephone consultation, or submit questions to be answered by email.

All follow up time is charged at a rate of £25 per 15 minutes of work by Jo (minimum: 30 minutes/£50) and is invoiced after the consultation or work has been completed. You can arrange as much or as little follow up as you need or alternatively arrange a regular monthly or bi-monthly consultation.

To contact Jo, please complete this form or call her directly on 07825 447105.
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