Client Testimonials

Please read these testimonials from three of Jo's satisfied clients:

Steve H

"I thought I ate healthily and that my sports nutrition was on point. That was until I met Jo who completely transformed the way I thought about food, what and when I ate. This enabled me to complete my first Ironman this summer in under 12hrs and was a important as my training programme.

I would strongly recommend Jo."

Andy C

"Having done triathlon for a few years I was concerned that I didn't understand enough about nutrition. I asked all the right questions but got different answers from everybody I asked. On top of that I seemed to keep getting illnesses and feeling fatigued but I thought that I was eating properly and at the right times. 

This year I had signed up to do an ultra marathon swim (18K) and I needed to get the nutrition right. I wish I had seen Jo years ago. I kept a food diary and had an initial face to face consultation to discuss my objectives, my goals and the nutrition I would need. Within weeks of starting the nutrition plan and adapting my exercise plan to increase my metabolic efficiency I was starting to see and feel the benefits. The fatigue had gone and I started to feel stronger than I had ever felt. 

As the weeks went on and my training increased we discussed what I would need to do to cater for this. I completed my ultra marathon swim which many thought that I wouldn't be able to do. Without Jo I would not have been able to accomplish this and at no point during the swim did I feel fatigued and low of energy. In fact the opposite. I was astonished. I am now speaking with Jo as I look to adapt my nutrition to my training over the winter months. The best investment I have made and I advise anybody looking to do endurance sports to get expert nutritional advice. It's worth it!! Thanks Jo."

Simon E 

“I have always been a keen runner, taking part in several 10km and half marathon races. However I found that as the distance increased, I was not able to maintain my running pace. No matter what changes I made to my training, I always significantly faded in the last quarter of the race. After signing up for the Dublin Marathon, I followed a friend’s recommendation and went to visit Jo Scott-Dalgleish. After a lengthy discussion on my exercise routine, eating habits, and in depth analysis of my previous week’s food intake, she was able to provide advice and nutritional plans to aid me in my goal of achieving my running potential.

I was able to put the nutritional plans provided into practice that week, altering my pre and post training eating routine. I kept on track with the recommended alterations all the way up to race day, ultimately achieving a personal best in the race. 

I definitely recommend Jo’s services to anyone looking to improve their sporting performance. I wish I had not have overlooked the significant impact of nutrition for such a long time!” 

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